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Moisture is one of the most destructive forces, and it can severely weaken the integrity of your roof and property. If you suspect you have a leak in your roof or see signs of a moisture problem, you should schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible. Our Madison roof leak detection contractors use infrared and nuclear technologies to complete a thorough review of your entire roofing system.

Since 2004, A-Team Construction Unlimited, Inc. has been serving Madison’s commercial customers. Our roofing team is highly experienced and fully trained. We cannot only identify the source of your roof leak, but we will also provide you with expert-level roof repair services. No matter what type of roof construction you have, including flat roofs, we can keep your property secure and dry.

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There is only so much that can be seen on the surface of your roof. While damage to shingles or your flashing may be immediately apparent, simple visual inspections are not a reliable way to identify a roof leak. Your roof may look beautiful on the surface but still have a moisture problem in the lower layers of its structure. At A-Team Construction Unlimited, Inc., we are on the cutting edge of roofing technologies, and we have adopted infrared leak detection as one of our methods.

To perform infrared leak detection, we utilize an infrared camera and a moisture meter. After scanning your roof, we can identify where there is excess moisture in your roof’s underlayment. Infrared leak detection must be performed in the evening hours when the majority of your roof has cooled off. Areas with water retention will show up as warmer on the infrared camera, alerting us to the location of a leak. Once we have identified all sectors with a moisture issue, we can begin to determine the cause of the leak and repair it. Infrared is particularly useful for chronic roof leak issues.

The benefits of infrared leak detection are:

Another technology available to us is the nuclear moisture inspection. Similar to infrared scanning, the nuclear method allows us to see what’s going on under your roof’s surface. In a non-invasive way, it enables us to identify where moisture is getting trapped in your roof. Nuclear leak detection can be performed on any type of roof and is particularly useful when detecting leaks on flat roofs and large commercial properties. It is also considered the most accurate method for finding moisture problems and leaks on ballasted roofs.

Nuclear testing is done utilizing a 5’X 5′ or 10′ X 10′ grid, depending on your roof. The nuclear meter then detects hydrogen ions, which, in this case, indicate water. After performing the inspection, we will provide you with a final report regarding the location and extent of the leaks we found. We will then also provide you with all of your repair options.

The benefits of infrared leak detection are:

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A-Team Construction Unlimited, Inc. takes a customer-focused approach to roofing. We know how stressful it can be to discover that your roof is leaking. Our goal is to help ease your stress and provide you with reliable, trustworthy leak detection services. Whether you are an owner or you manage a large commercial property, we can help. No job is too big or too small for A-Team Construction Unlimited, Inc. We also are proud to offer emergency roof leak detection services in Madison.

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A-Team did a wonderful job with my home remodeling project. It was easy working with their team and they did a great job at communicating expectations throughout the project. I look forward to working with them again on future projects. Thanks!
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Hired A-Team to do some venting work in my house, they were excellent! Very professional and even worked with my crazy schedule to get the work done. Would recommend this company to anyone and will hire again.
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We had damage to our house when a branch fell on the house and damaged it. A-Team Construction was at our house quickly and did a great job repairing the damage.
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The A-Team has always been there when I needed them for a project. They operate with integrity and stand behind the excellent work that they do. I highly recommend them!
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Brian went above and beyond to inspect my leaking roof. Took his time to inspect and make sure I was not doing a frivolous repair. I thoroughly appreciated his thoughtfulness. I will call again. Thanks
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